Importance of healthy work relationship with colleagues in the workplace


Importance of healthy work relationship with colleagues in the workplace

A workplace is like a second home for all. We spend a major portion of our daily lives at our workplaces. Just like a healthy relationship is required amongst family members at home we need a healthy relationship with colleagues in the workplace too. An organization can benefit immensely if its employees share a healthy work relationship. On the contrary, an organization where employees are at loggerheads with each other may suffer financial damages and loss of reputation in the long run.

But creating a healthy work relationship with colleagues is a challenge for all organizations. In this age of cut-throat competition where employees are expected to deliver more and more, maintaining a healthy work relationship with colleagues is never easy. Yet, all organizations want employees to deliver more and have a work environment as well. A business organization – big or small which can have the right balance between the two is sure to go places.

What is a healthy workplace? 

A healthy workplace is the one where all the employees – seniors, juniors, or peers can freely interact with one another and seek inputs, guidance, and co-operation from the knowledgeable and experienced colleagues. Such an environment certainly adds to efficiency and productivity at individual levels and that leads to the overall growth of the organization.

It is not that the responsibility of creating a healthy work environment lies with the managers and superiors only. Every employee must know the importance of healthy work relationships with colleagues in the workplace. All the employees are like cogs in a wheel. If one cog is broken the entire wheel suffers. Everyone must play their role in the smooth functioning of the organization. 

Let us understand the main requisites for creating a healthy work relationship amongst colleagues in the workplace- 

  • Code of conduct clearly outlined by the Management/HR- This will ensure that everyone clearly knows how to conduct themselves within the four walls of the organization. 
  • Clearly defined roles- The managers must ensure that the roles of each of their subordinates are clearly defined so as not to overlap with one another thereby eliminating any chances of misunderstanding and friction.
  • Communication is the key- Any miscommunication can jeopardize the health of the work environment. Managers must especially be effective communicators. The importance of clear communication is of far greater importance in workgroups where a number of employees are trying to achieve their career goals though each one may have different responsibilities. An open-door policy where an employee can interact with all irrespective of their hierarchy goes a long way in promoting a healthy work environment.
  • Approachability- The seniors must be approachable to their juniors so as to clear any doubts and provide guidance. Likewise, the peer should also be willing to help and co-operate.
  • Mutual trust and respect- This is the cornerstone of a healthy work relationship amongst colleagues. All employees need to understand that they are all pursuing the same organizational goal with their individual responsibilities. Mutual trust will allow each employee to freely share their problems, anxieties and concerns with one another and seek support. Such mutual trust and respect will go a long way in appreciating constructive criticism from fellow workers and find ways to improve. 

Benefits of a healthy work relationship with colleagues in the workplace 

Employees are the biggest assets of any organization. In order to succeed and grow it is imperative that the organization has a seamless work environment. Being a good manager has great responsibility in ensuring such an environment with clear cut communication regarding each employee’s role and goal. Businesses can reap the following benefits if they can ensure a healthy relationship amongst colleagues at their workplace.

  • The biggest benefit of a healthy relationship with colleagues in the workplace is that it promotes mutual trust and respect. This will add to the overall efficiency of the organization and not only of the individual employees.
  • A frank sharing of problems and concerns with the more experienced and knowledgeable colleagues means a solution to the problem is found sooner rather than later thereby reducing/eliminating anxiety amongst the workforce.
  • An environment where there is mutual trust and respect means sharing not only concerns but benefiting from other peoples’ skills and learning them too. This helps the organization reduce costs in training.
  • A healthy work relationship with colleagues ensures a low attrition rate which is extremely vital for all organizations whatever their size.
  • Eliminates backbiting and gossiping which contributes to increased productivity. Rather, it will boost the morale of the employees and result in increased productivity.
  • A major benefit is that no employee will be working at cross purposes because they can freely interact with them.

Individual’s responsibility toward maintaining a healthy work relationship 

It is the responsibility of all employees to create and maintain the right atmosphere at the workplace. This is how one may contribute to:

  • Each employee has their own tasks to perform and effective time management is a critical element for all. It is therefore, of utmost importance that each employee values the time constraint of others. He must also appreciate that employees not only within his work group but even outside his department may be affected if he delays his own work. Therefore, time both personal and of others’ must be accorded top priority.
  • Clear messaging is the most vital ingredient of a successful and happy work relationship with colleagues. If required, feedback may be taken to ensure that everyone has got and understood the message correctly.
  • One should actively participate in discussions and receive feedback with an open mind. Similarly, one should not shy away from giving their own ideas when others are seeking one’s opinion.
  • It is always good to share credit with others and refrain from playing a blame game when things do not go well. Such behavior will take work relationships with colleagues a notch higher.
  • Similarly, being proactive and taking responsibilities ahead of others makes one a great team player and enhances one’s reputation within the organization. In turn, this leads to an excellent work relationship with colleagues at the workplace.