What It Is Like Being A Manager vs. Being A Leader


What It Is Like Being A Manager vs. Being A Leader

There is always a long-term debate between leadership and management. And some people often say that both these terms are similar and vice versa. 

But that’s not true. 

There is a clear difference between leadership and management. And if you ask, what's the difference in both the terms? 

Then let us clear about these terms. Leadership or leaders are those who inspire people. The people follow them as their inspiration, whereas management or the managers are the ones who rule or take work from the people and control them. 

Both the terms go vice versa and are not the same at all. 

To some extent, leadership is about leading people and inspiring them, pushing them, and believing in their vision to accomplish the goals. 

While the management is about the administration and to manage the daily activities and tasks given to the people and monitoring them. 

Both the terms are interlinked to each other, and if your effort is to create a difference between leadership and management, then you might end up juggling with a solution. 

To take this debate to an end side, let us discuss some points to have a clear vision about both these terms. 

Leadership is all about motivation, and the management is all about control 

The leaders inspire people, motivate them, and also drive people towards success. Whereas, the manager takes work from the people and points out the faults to correct them and get success. 

They make a vision about what they see and also engage people in work properly and turn the virtual works into reality. 

But the leadership sets the individual and helps in developing their skills and activates them to be part of the valuable assets. They are pretty much aware of their team and accomplish more goals while working together. 

Difference between leadership and management

For both the terms leadership and management, there is a simple matter of their definition and functioning. 

Leadership- The leaders try to understand the individual's skills and what exactly they contribute to their roles. 

Management- The managers, on the other side, only focus on achieving goals, measuring results, and settling the things to accomplish the objectives of the work. 

Leadership vs. Management 

There are several types of management, and leadership exists where different groups, situations, and people have to follow the instructions. 

And some questions are more likely to arise about the good or bad thing in leadership and management. 

Is management being good and leadership bad? 

No, both the terms have their importance when it comes to describing the designated role in running a company—both work vice versa in gaining the goals and set themselves as the best. 

The topic of the difference between leadership and management is always controversial. And now we have tried to some extent to make a clear difference between both of these.


It signifies the role of the person who helps in leading the common goals, and the leaders have these common attributes like: 

  • Leaders always inspire other people and take their opinion first 
  • They always motivate people to click on their vision and achieve goals
  • They keep encouraging them to overcome all the obstacles that fall in their pathway of success. 

"Leadership is all about helping others to know their inner strength and build professional skills to win their goals," said Dwight D. Eisenhower. 

Besides this, leaders spread positivity and build trust with others to praise them in working. They love to work in a flexible environment and take feedback from others. 

Also, they take responsibility if in case any failure arises in the team. They take the whole charge on themselves and keep motivating others to do their best. 


The manager or the administration deals with the process of controlling the people. They manage the task, people, and organize them as well as coordinate them to work better. 

They follow the simple methodology of the work and the team and keep analyzing as per the programs rather than entertaining the sole individual. 

"The management is all about understanding the goals and managing the team to set their roles and work accordingly."

Managers aren't dealing with the sole individual to develop their skills. Moreover, they only entertain the management work, organizing the people, and execute the plan thoroughly. 

They have strategic thinking, and if the failure arises, the responsibility is of the whole team, not only of the manager. 

The debate is always controversial between leadership and management. Both of them work hand in hand to achieve the objectives.



Management can execute the vision into reality

Leadership knows how to bring a vision and work on it to build a better future 

The management has the authority to implement and bring changes in the plans if it is not working

The leadership takes the suggestions from the teammates and value their opinion in terms of executing plans

They can direct the individuals as per the requirement to achieve the successive goals

They keep on inspiring the individual to meet with the future goals together 

The manager first looks after the goals and condition of the work and then communicate with the teammates if needs to change suggesting something

The leaders always keep communicating with their teammates about the work and progress 

Managers are people-specific and only work and motivate if it is needed for the goals 

They can motivate others for knowing the skills best and target them to show their skills

One of the interesting facts about management and leadership is, they work simultaneously as a team to motivate people and manage them to achieve the desired goals.

And the fact is no leadership runs without proper management and no management runs without proper leadership.

Final thought

The debate may prolong, but now you have a clear vision of the difference between leadership and management. 

To further enlighten, leadership always helps people and sets them as the motivator, whereas the management only focuses on handling work goals and managing them precisely by eliminating the faults.