How to Effectively Share Knowledge with Your Team/In Organization?


How to Effectively Share Knowledge with Your Team/In Organization?

Communication and knowledge sharing are the most common activities in any organization. If we talk about knowledge sharing, it becomes crucial whenever an organization adopts a new policy to work, technology, strategies, etc. Effectively sharing knowledge helps the team grow, boost capability, collaboration, etc. It has a direct impact on the productivity of the organization.

The concept of knowledge sharing became more crucial, with the growth of remote working tradition. In this, employees work away from the organization, and sharing knowledge works effectively in enhancing their expertise level. Besides, e-learning also provides them a great support to learn and thus, improves their knowledge.

In today’s scenario, work remotely tradition witnessed its higher adoption due to the spread of coronavirus. This reflects that the importance of knowledge sharing is growing in the current situation.

Thanks to the availability of different ways of sharing knowledge and information that you can try to communicate with your team members. Be it BYOD-fuelled, Workplace, Slack, or other ways, you can use any of these depending on your interest. No matter which method you choose, you should ensure its effectiveness and ability to help you in achieving your goal.

Well, if you are still not sure how to share knowledge at your workplace. We are here to help you. Let’s discuss here certain tried and tested ways that help you in knowledge sharing with your team members in a better way.

Ways to Share Knowledge with your Team More Effectively

Strategize What to Share How

Well, this is something that you should always strategize while planning to communicate in the workplace. Some of the information/knowledge you can share through online platforms can be reports, presentations, work details, etc.

Some information, on the other hand, you can share through offline platforms, including organizing meetings, discussing the performance of an individual, providing details of any strategies, etc.

Now you need to think about the most effective channels for both offline and online that you can use to stay in touch with your team in the most effective way. For online, you can use channels like email, Google spreadsheets, doc files, etc. And for offline sharing, you can use annual company retreats, monthly/quarterly meetings, daily standup, etc.

Focus on Quality and Relevancy of Information

Now, it’s your job to check both the quality and relevance of the information that you are going to share. Make sure the information will help every team member. To get a proper idea about what you should share among your team members, you should get the opinions of your team members.

Doing so helps the team members that they are valuable for you, which further tends to make a great psychological impact on them. It also works great in increasing their efficiency and also encourages them to deliver more.

Maintain Consistency

You should endeavor to maintain consistency in sharing important information and knowledge. It should be planned and shared at a regular interval. The reason is that it offers a plethora of advantages.

It helps your organization to make the right use of those existing resources of knowledge. Utilizing such resource helps you in minimizing your production cost, increase the performance of your team, quick project finalization, and enhance innovation capabilities, increase sales, and revenue 

Maintain Transparency

It’s another crucial thing that you should keep in mind while sharing information with team members. Make sure you have nothing to hide from anyone. Besides, the most crucial thing that you need to ensure is that you follow the communication hierarchy properly.

It lets you harvest the maximum advantages of sharing knowledge or information at your workplace. It’s a great option to make perfect use of those of standardized tags. Doing it helps you highlight the things conveniently that people are looking for anxiously.

Get Updated that Matters your Team

You are suggested to keep yourself up to date with the thing that is related to your horizon and also matters to your team the most. Therefore, you should always keep eyes on the latest things. 

The actual reason is that we are living here in digital transformation where innovation is constantly going on and thus, information changes quickly. If you are not versed in the latest technique, you will be left behind.

So, all you need to do is to find the most relevant keywords that are helpful for you, when it comes to filtering the old practices. These are something that of course works when it comes to sharing knowledge with your team members at your workplace.

Find Out Communication Loopholes

While sharing knowledge or communicating with your team members, it’s your responsibility to find out if there is any communication gap. It’s a good idea to determine the capability of your platform to disseminate the information successfully. Build a healthy work-relationship with your team members.

You can also ask your team members whether they receive information directly or not. You can also conduct a detailed survey to find out complete details about loopholes, information gaps, etc.

In other words, it helps you easily spot the places where you are not able to disseminate your information. Once you spot any such places, you need to then focus on these areas every time whenever you interact with your team members to share new information or communicating anything


The above discussion reflects the importance of communication and sharing knowledge with team members. So, after going through the above information, you may have a clear idea regarding several ways of sharing knowledge at your workplace. All you need to do is to keep these things in your mind and communicate with your team members while keeping focused on your primary goal.