Tips to stay calm at the workplace


Tips to stay calm at the workplace

Ever wondered why some employees are much happier than others or why some leaders are able to manage a team under them so perfectly? People who bring more output and good results for the company are mostly those people who know how to stay calm and handle their stress and work-pressure at the workplace. 


Stress and tension is something that comes with responsibility. The higher the position in an organization or in a company the more level of stress and work pressure the leader on an employee may face. In modern-day work-life, stress has become a part of the employee’s work life. But if it increases more and more exponentially, then it is a matter of concern. It is very important that the employee focuses on their work more than being depressed in the workplace so that the company gets the best result and that particular employee grows further in his/ her career. 


In order to flourish well, to serve the company better, an employee or a leader needs to manage and control the stress raised from the workplace and try to stay calm while working. Managing and handling stress to stay calm in the workplace is the key to make any business grow successfully. The only way to survive uncertainty and work pressure in the workplace is to find the best way to deal with it. Every time you are at your workplace, you need to follow certain tips and techniques which will help you to stay calm at your workplace.


Why keep calm in the workplace


Staying calm in the workplace is a skill that should be inculcated in each employee as well as in leaders of the company or an organization. Staying calm at the workplace has many benefits and negligible loss. Here are the 10 benefits you will get when you stay calm at the workplace:


  • It ensures a steady career growth.
  • Keeps better health of an employee making them more productive.
  • A leader can attain the jewel of wisdom by keeping the mind calm.
  • Avoids conflict with other colleagues and co-workers.
  • Makes any employee more competent.
  • Builds up more reliability and trust of a particular employee.
  • An employee looks more capable of a particular work.
  • Helps in being more creative and flexible.
  • An employee can make correct decisions while staying calm.
  • Feels more control of emotions and life.


How to stay calm in the workplace?

It depends on the employee to the employee how they handle their stress and keep calm at the workplace. But here are a few effective tips and strategies which an employee can practice to stay calm at the workplace. Practicing these tips and tricks will help you a lot to cope with stressful situations occurring in the workplace to stay calm: 



  • Pass positive vibes


Whenever you enter your workplace as an employee, always keep in mind that you need to keep a positive attitude towards uncertain situations. Always try to look for the brighter side of uncertain situations or any problem which comes in the workplace, as this will help you to stay calm at the workplace. Being positive will also help you to be more creative and innovative, and help you to tackle a difficult situation in a better way which will also make you feel peace inside for the rest of the day. 



  • Practice gratitude


Practicing gratitude can contribute to the spreading of a positive environment in the workplace which is another great way to stay calm at the workplace. It is the quality of an employee of being thankful and appreciative. An employee in the workplace should show gratitude by thanking the people who never get thanked, complimenting their colleagues, and taking time for thanksgiving. Practicing gratitude can enhance your mood, can improve your productiveness, makes a strong bond with others, and also helps in a happier workforce. 



  • Be open-minded


Being open-minded not only means to widen your thoughts but also means to be more tolerant of stress and work-pressure, fair-mindedness, and receptivity. Expressing just or exact attitudes and actions is also a part of open-mindedness. Always keep in mind that you need to have patience and humility. Try to control your anger or reaction when you hear a difference in opinion. open-minded ness also challenges you to come out of your comfort zone, stay social, and make new friends. Open-minded nature helps you to learn and grow every time, makes you adapt to new skills, making you more reliable and self-confident which helps in staying calm at the workplace. 



  • Practice Meditation


Doing meditation for about 5 to 10 minutes improves your work efficiency, performance, personal relationship as well as your health helping you to stay peaceful and calm at the workplace. Five minutes of deep breathing can release all your tension and stress level and makes you feel calm which leads to overall productivity. Meditation decreases distractions and increases the level of focus at work. It also helps to be and live in the present moment. Meditation helps in dealing with stress and negative emotions, reduce the level of depression and anxiety, and to tolerate pain better. 



  • Look for fresh air


Fresh air is very important for an employee to keep calm at the workplace. It gives you more energy and mental focus at work. Taking fresh air every day promotes the production of serotonin, allowing you to feel relaxed, happier, and better at the workplace. It also helps your mind to be clearer, sharper, and calmer. The best way to get fresh air is to go for a walk in the morning but many of the adults don’t get time to go far a walk, few of the ways you can get fresh air to keep calm at the workplace is by keeping some office plants in the workplace, inspect and clean your ventilation ducts, also check if the ventilation is open and unblocked. The ventilation system helps a lot in getting fresh air while working otherwise one can face fatigue, drowsiness, and dullness of mind, which leads to delay of work at the workplace, and peace of mind is not achieved. So it is very important to get fresh air every day to stay calm at the workplace.  



  • Try to have adequate sleep 


For the mind to stay calm, resting your brain is very important. And the only way our brain can take rest is by sleeping. A healthy adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep, it helps in better functioning of your brain. A person who sleeps below 7 hours can not concentrate much at their work and will feel duller and lazy at work. To avoid all such negativities, try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Sleeping on time also ensures lowering the risk of serious problems like diabetes and heart disease. Adequate sleep also reduces stress and improves your mood at the workplace which ultimately leads to your calmness which in turn helps in clear thinking at work and getting along with people.



  • Choose to talk to close ones


If you are under stress and tension it is really important that you find a trustworthy person you can share your thoughts with. Having someone with whom you can talk about your bad day or bad experience is very important to let your negative emotions flow out of your mind and positive thoughts reframe your perspective. This will definitely help you to stay calm at the workplace and also give you the strength to withstand the hardships faced at work and in the workplace.  



  • Make priorities 


Setting a priority at the workplace is the first and foremost thing to do when it comes to staying calm at work. You need to collect the list of all the task that needs to be done on a particular day. Making priorities makes it easier for any employee to finish their multi-tasks faster, doing it one by one according to the “to-do list” they prepare. It is very important to identify and know the difference between urgent work and important work in the workplace and this will also cut out the distractions occurring in the workplace. It also makes an employee well organized, flexible, and adaptable. Setting priorities ensures that you are meeting your daily goals, company goals, as well as deadlines. This decreases the tension level at work and keeps you calmer in the workplace. 




  • Practice mind training


It is very important to have control of your emotions in the workplace. Practicing mind training to control your emotions will help you a lot to stay calm at the workplace and you will be super productive at work. Take small baby steps to control negative emotions at work and to improve a positive attitude at work. You need to be focused on being intensely aware of what you're sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment. Doing it in the right way will help you to increase your performance at work and getting rewards will ensure you a calmer mind and focused determination towards work.



  • Try to include humor 


Humor is a very important part of our life as well as for our entertainment. A fun working environment makes an employee more productive. People with a sense of humor report less stress and anxiety than those with a low sense of humor, despite experiencing the same number of problems at work. An employee can try to use humor in an organization to improve morale among workers, creating a more positive and motivating organizational culture. Humor improves our thought process and helps us to relax and make correct decisions at work. Humor can increase the chances of introduction and acceptance of new ideas as well as triggers new connections and better relationships with co-workers. Overall it increases the likability of a person at the workplace increasing his/ her self-confidence and making them calm at the workplace. 


Take away tips 


  • Remember the reason you are employed for.
  • If making any plans, make it flexible.
  • Always try to take a reality check. Know your actions from other’s points of view and ways to improve your actions.
  • Remember, everything is temporary. If you are facing hardship it is only for a short time. 
  • Interact assertively with other colleagues.
  • Pause before your action and take a look at how you are responding. 




Handling difficult situations that come to you in the workplace like work pressure and stress is in your hands by healthily dealing with them. Make an effort to practice these tips and strategies to stay calm at the workplace and be a successful leader. 


Adaptability and flexibility is the key to stay calm at the workplace and to be united with your colleagues and co-workers. Practicing a calm attitude at the workplace will ensure you with creativity and happiness. In the end, it is the way you approach the problems that occurred in the workplace which will lead to the success of the company and you to a better position at the workplace and in career. 


So, stay calm and keep up with the better quality work every day, learn effective skills whenever you get a chance, and imply and practice the tips and tricks to stay calm at the workplace each and every time to be in the path of success.